Suzuki SV650 Superlight Parts Kit

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If you're building an SV superbike, then you have to look at this kit. With this kit you will be able to build one of the lightest SV race bikes on the track in a weekend. You can have all these parts installed and ready to go racing and enjoy all the advantages that this kit brings to the game. You can't call it a superbike without this kit.

Total weight savings:

1st Gen Bike             3619.21g / 7.97 pounds                        12513.88g 25.58 pounds

2nd  Gen Bike           3883.21g / 8.56 pounds                          8902.58g  19.62 pounds

Part First GEN Second GEN
BRG's superlight rear brake hanger 640g  
BRG's superlight brake rod 74g  
BRG's superlight rear sub frame 640g 425g
BRG's superlight front fairing stays 215g 215g
BRG's superlight gas tank bracket 97g 127g
BRG's ultralight battery box 435g 435g
BRG's super light, dog bones 123.11g 123.11g
BRG's superlight stator rotor w/ two magnets removed 1850g 1850g

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