Motor Building

Whether it's an 8cyl muscle car, or a 4cyl race motorcycle,   We build and tune to make Horse Power !


Blown 4.6 3Valve

200+ CBR 1000rr Black bird Called the BEAST


 This is the dyno sheet from the Beast up against a mildly built CBR 1000. Green line is the Beast, purple is the other CBR.  You think its a bit much fir the street :-)


BRG 100+ HP SV650 motor 

Here at BRG we have developed a reputation for building some of the faster SV650's and part of the reason is the parts that we make, and that the parts are as light as they are in second part. The engines that we build show a better power-to-weight ratio than others. We also offer a rebuilding service for these engines. We can take your stock SV650 from being a nice little street bike to being an absolute fire-breathing animal that just wants to tear up the asphalt. The 2008 2009 is a good example of what we have done. We here working with Will Fox in which he won every 650 Twins class that he entered and on top of that set a new track record at Thunder Hill Raceway of 1:56:17, smashing the old record by just over a full second. The Dyno graphs below show where Will's bike was when he first came to BRG and when he was racing. Also just for fun, the very bottom graph is a stock SV650 with stock exhaust and stock air cleaner. When he set the new track record, as you can see, there were significant changes to the engine. The work that we do is not extensive as in expensive parts, but it's knowing where the horsepower is.