I know I’ve said it before. We get some very cool projects to work on….. We’ve done cars, motorcycles quads not sure what I favor. This 1969 SS Camaro is high up on my list. The customer brought the car in from the shop that did most of the work. I was told somewhere up in Oregon.  Any way, for the most part when the car came it was pretty close to being done. It did, however, have some issues. The back axle was not set up right and the rear brakes didn’t work right and the axle seal leaked badly. The drive shaft was to long and the motor mounts location was not right, as it allowed the engine to sit on top of the rack and pinion steering.  This caused the rack and pinion to leak.

The back end was not a big deal. The front motor mounts where interesting. You can see the pictures of how we fixed it. A set of custom BRG motor mount brackets that repositioned the mounting hole on the block down about 1-1/4".