Suzuki SV650 Heat Shield

  • 8500

We all know when we are tuning for optimum engine performance, in some instances heat is our friend.  In other instances heat is our foe.  We have found over the years that separating the intake track from the heat of the motor and the radiator gives us good horsepower gains after tuning. A simple piece of sheet rubber with some reflective tape on one side goes a long way towards reducing the temperatures the carburetors and fuel tank are exposed to.

The BRG heat shield helps in this process by keeping the carburetor and fuel tank isolated from engine temperature.  This reduces temperatures as much as 90° from engine temperature. Our Dyno tests showed as much as a 5 hp gain by doing this. However, please keep in mind tuning is a must to get all the goodness out of this part. You can't just put the part on and get the 5 hp. It would be wonderful if it was that simple, but you must tune accordingly.

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