ZX7/9 Conversion Kit

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This is the world-famous BRG racing products ZX7/9 conversion kit. I say world-famous because we're selling these kits all over the world; England, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, etc. The kit consists of the cylinder head; oil plate, which relocates the entrance where the oil line comes in, allowing you to put the 900cc motor in the 750cc frame without any cutting at all. The oil plate also comes with the oil line and the lower oil pan fitting. Then you have cylinder head, relocation brackets which allow you to bolt up the 900cc cylinder head to the 750cc frame without welding any plugs or welding the head. The radiator brackets make mounting the 750cc radiator to the 900cc motor a snap. Last but not least is the air cleaner adapter, which allows you to bolt the ram air 750cc airbox to the 900cc carburetors. If you start out with all the parts necessary along with my kit, you can have the motor out, converted and be riding the bike on a weekend.

As of 3/20/20 i have 2 oil plates in stock, Those are the key to the whole kit. get then while they are in stock 

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