RVF400 Adjustable Cams

  • 85000

These are the adjustable cam gears for the RVF 400 Honda motor, which we did quite a bit of R & D a few years ago.  With the help of Ricky from RLR in England, we came up with the adjustable cam gear kit.  We also lighten the hubs the cam gears mount on, which helps get all the power out of the motor.

They are not cheap, because of the time it takes to modify the stock gears and mount to the hubs, as well as cam gears needing to be mounted to the cams, squared and welded.  The cam gear kit costs $650, plus an additional $200 charge to mount and true the gears.

Below are some before-and-after dyno graphs.  Baseline is the red line with no modifications, stock motor and stock exhaust.  The green line is with an aftermarket exhaust system, and the yellow line adds cam timing.  As you can see, there is a significant difference in how the engine performs with proper cam timing and valve adjustment.

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